II. Russian “Active Measures” Social Media Campaign – Mueller Report Volume 1

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II. Russian “Active Measures” Social Media Campaign – Mueller Report Volume 1

This episode covers the structure of the Internet Research Agency, the funding and oversight of the IRA, and the methods in which the IRA targeted the 2016 U.S. Election, as part of the “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election (Volume 1).”

The November 2020 update to this section uncovers significant amounts of previously redacted material from pages 14 to 35 of the report.

Russian “Active Measures” Social Media Campaign (1:14)

  1. Structure of the Internet Research Agency (4:16)
  2. Funding and Oversight from Concord and Prigozhin (7:13)
    1. The IRA Ramps Up U.S. Operations As Early As 2014 (8:58)
    2. U.S. Operations Through IRA-Controlled Social Media Accounts (12:16)
    3. U.S. Operations Through Facebook (15:57)
      1. Individualized Accounts (21:03)
      2. IRA Botnet Activities (24:03)
    4. U.S. Operations Through Twitter (20:11)
    5. U.S. Operations Involving Political Rallies (25:39)
    6. Targeting and Recruitment of U.S. Persons (28:16)
      1. Trump Campaign Promotion of IRA Political Materials (32:15)
      2. Contact with Trump Campaign Officials in Connection to Rallies (34:02)
    7. Interactions and Contacts with the Trump Campaign (31:32)
  3. The IRA Targets U.S. Elections (8:52)


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