III. Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations – Mueller Report Volume 1

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III. Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations – Mueller Report Volume 1

Section III of Volume 1 of the Mueller Report describes the Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations. The primary topics include GRU hacking directed at the Clinton campaign; the investigation’s look into DCLeaks, Guccifer 2.0 and the use of Wikileaks; the investigation’s findings of the Russian efforts to target individuals involved in the Clinton Campaign and entities involved in election administration; and the investigation’s findings focus on interactions between the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks as well as the campaign’s interest and efforts to obtain deleted Clinton emails.

This episode covers pages 36-65 of the “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.”

III: Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations (1:14)

  1. A. GRU Hacking Directed at the Clinton Campaign (2:58)
    1. GRU Units Target the Clinton Campaign (3:03)
      1. Initial Access (6:12)
      2. Implantation of Malware on DCCC and DNC Networks (7:15)
      3. Theft of Documents from DNC and DCCC Networks (9:54)
    2. Intrusions into the DCCC and DNC Networks (6:07)
    1. DCLeaks (12:14)
    2. Guccifer 2.0 (14:53)
      1. WikiLeaks’s Expressed Opposition Toward the Clinton Campaign (19:50)
      2. WikiLeaks’s First Contact with Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks (21:04)
      3. The GRU’s Transfer of Stolen Materials to WikiLeaks (22:50)
      4. WikiLeaks Statements Dissembling About the Source of Stolen Materials (28:05)
    3. Use of WikiLeaks (19:25)
  2. B. Dissemination of the Hacked Materials (11:47)
    1. Summer and Fall 2016 Operations Targeting Democrat-Linked Victims (30:24)
    2. Intrusions Targeting the Administration of U.S. Elections (32:28)
  3. C. Additional GRU Cyber Operations (30:02)
    1. Role of Roger Stone (36:47)
      1. Background (36:50)
      2. Contacts with the Campaign about WikiLeaks (37:30)
      3. Roger Stone’s Known Efforts to Communicate with WikiLeaks (42:00)
      4. WikiLeaks’s October 7, 2016 Release of Stolen Podesta Emails (48:46)
      5. Donald Trump Jr. Interaction with WikiLeaks (52:15)
      1. Henry Oknyansky (a/k/a Henry Greenberg) (55:27)
      2. Campaign Efforts to Obtain Deleted Clinton Emails (57:43)
    2. Other Potential Campaign Interest in Russian Hacked Materials (54:44)
  4. D. Trump Campaign and the Dissemination of Hacked Materials (36:04)


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