24: Postponing Federal Elections and the COVID-19 Pandemic

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24: Postponing Federal Elections and the COVID-19 Pandemic

With concerns around just how long the COVID-19 pandemic could impact our lives, the fact that we are in a presidential election year has brought up a number of questions. Does the President have the authority to cancel or postpone the election? What is the framework in place if an emergency keeps us from voting in November or we are somehow unable to have a vote ahead of the expiration of the President’s term as written the Constitution.

This episode provides answers to those questions as well as the process leading up to the November presidential election date.

  • Presidential Elections (2:15)
  • Presidential Primaries (2:43)
  • Selection of Presidential Electors (5:32)
  • Selection of the President (7:52)


Constitution: Twelfth Amendment

Constitution: Twentieth Amendment

Rules of succession

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