President Trump’s Dec. 17 Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Making public documents accessible through audio

President Trump’s Dec. 17 Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Watching multiple news outlets, it can be interesting to hear how public documents are characterized in different ways. One of the reasons I’m doing this show is so people can hear the words for themselves and make their own decisions, rather than relying on others to characterize a document for them.

After seeing this exchange on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah it made me realize how this podcast can be an important service. If only the gentleman in the video would have tuned into episode four, he could have avoided an embarrassing exchange.

While I’m continuing to work on some longer episodes, hopefully shorter episodes like this one help provide some value in hearing full documents that are sometimes only mentioned as part of a larger story. This week’s episode is the entire letter from President Trump to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that was written prior to his impeachment.

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